1. Butterfly valve is composed of valve body, valve seat, valve plate and valve stem, and all fittings are exposed and can be seen at a glance; Ball valve is composed of valve body, valve core (a round ball) and valve stem. The position of valve core is inside the valve body, and only part of it
2022/06/30 11:04
The filter net adopts stainless steel double-layer net structure, which is durable, advanced in structure, small in flow resistance, convenient in sewage discharge, etc. It can be used in water, steam, oil, nitric acid, urea, oxidizing medium and other media. According to the user's needs, the mesh
2022/06/30 10:32
The check valve opening and closing parts are opened or closed by themselves by the flow and force of the medium to prevent the backflow of the medium. The valve is called a check valve. The check valve belongs to the automatic valve category, which is mainly used in the pipeline where the medium
2022/05/23 18:23
1. Handwheel, handle and transmission mechanism are not allowed to be used for lifting, and collision is forbidden. 2. The double gate valve should be installed vertically (i.e. the valve stem is in the vertical position and the handwheel is at the top). 3. The gate valve with bypass valve should
2022/05/14 14:07
Advantage 1. The opening and closing is convenient, quick, labor-saving, low in fluid resistance, and can be operated frequently.2. Simple structure, small overall size, short structural length, small volume and light weight, which is suitable for large-diameter valves.3. Mud can be transported,
2022/05/14 13:39
1. Butterfly valve has the characteristics of simple structure, small volume, light weight, low material consumption, small installation size, quick switch, 90 reciprocating rotation and small driving torque, etc. It is used to cut off, connect and adjust the medium in the pipeline, and has good
2022/05/14 11:55
Different principlesButterfly valve, also known as flap valve, is a kind of regulating valve with simple structure. It can also be used for on-off control of low-pressure pipeline media, and it mainly plays the role of cutting off and throttling. When the butterfly valve is fully opened to fully
2022/04/18 17:16