Butterfly Valve is a simple structure control valve,it can be used for switching control of low pressure pipeline medium. Our Butterfly Valve is a kind of valve that the disc rotate around the valve shafts to open and close. Features:1, opening and closing convenient and rapid, labor saving, fluid
2023/04/12 22:01
Check valve is a valve that relies on the medium itself to flow and automatically open and close the valve flap, used to prevent the backflow of the medium, also known as check valve, check valve, backflow valve, and back pressure valve. Check valve belongs to a kind of automatic valve, its main
2022/12/22 16:21
The purpose of using check valve is to avoid the backflow of medium, generally in the outlet of the pump should be installed check valve. In addition, the outlet of the compressor should also be installed check valve. In summary, in order to avoid the backflow of the medium, in the equipment,
2022/12/22 16:14
Hard seal butterfly valve is called "hard seal" when both sides of the seal are made of metal or other hard materials. The sealing function of this kind of seal is poor, but it is resistant to high temperature, wear and tear, and has good mechanical function. Such as: steel + steel; steel + copper
2022/12/22 15:55
Gate valve is a kind of cut-off valve, which is used to connect or cut off the medium in the pipeline. Gate valve's opening and closing member gate, driven by the valve stem, extend the seat to do linear lifting movement.Advantages of the gate valve.1. low fluid resistanceBecause the valve body of
2022/11/25 10:29
Check valve is a valve installed in the pipeline to prevent the backflow of media. Check valves can be used on many types of pipelines such as over water, oil and gas, etc. To do this, you only need to use different materials of check valves.Check valve commonly used materials are cast iron, cast
2022/11/24 17:33
Advantages:1. easy and quick to start and close, labor-saving, low fluid resistance, can be operated frequently2. Simple structure, small size, short structure length, small volume, light weight3. start and close torque is small, because the butterfly plate on both sides of the shaft is basically
2022/11/24 17:12
Butterfly valve is a type of valve that uses a spherical butterfly plate as the opening and last component and turns with the valve stem to open, close and alter the fluid channel. the butterfly plate of the butterfly valve is set up in the diameter route of the pipe. in the cylindrical channel of
2022/10/11 11:57
FIRST:The difference between butterfly valve has a pin and without pin: Price: the without pin butterfly valve is more expensive than the pin ones. Usage: WITHOUT PIN TYPE REDUCE THE RISK OF LEAKAGE. With PINS IN USE FOR A long time, it is likely THAT THE pins will be worn or RUsted, and the medium
2022/09/29 16:56
1. Butterfly valve is composed of valve body, valve seat, valve plate and valve stem, and all fittings are exposed and can be seen at a glance; Ball valve is composed of valve body, valve core (a round ball) and valve stem. The position of valve core is inside the valve body, and only part of it
2022/06/30 11:04
The filter net adopts stainless steel double-layer net structure, which is durable, advanced in structure, small in flow resistance, convenient in sewage discharge, etc. It can be used in water, steam, oil, nitric acid, urea, oxidizing medium and other media. According to the user's needs, the mesh
2022/06/30 10:32
The check valve opening and closing parts are opened or closed by themselves by the flow and force of the medium to prevent the backflow of the medium. The valve is called a check valve. The check valve belongs to the automatic valve category, which is mainly used in the pipeline where the medium
2022/05/23 18:23