The Difference Between Butterfly Valve With a pin and Without Pin

2022/09/29 16:56


FIRST:The difference between butterfly valve has a pin and without pin:


Price: the without pin butterfly valve is more expensive than the pin ones.


Usage: WITHOUT PIN TYPE REDUCE THE RISK OF LEAKAGE. With PINS IN USE FOR A long time, it is likely THAT THE pins will be worn or RUsted, and the medium will leak from the pins into the shaft holes.


After-sales replacement: WITHOUT PIN  is easier to replace.


SECOND, the difference between double shaft butterfly valve and one shaft without pin type:


Price: double shaft can do the Max. DN300, one shaft without pin can do DN1200.


General parts: one shaft without pin accessories can be used on the pin butterfly valve, low scrap rate. Double shaft only can be used on itself, high scrap rate.


Assembly: one shaft without pin in the design is the most basic method, the design is simple, the production of the shaft has been processed, and the double shaft in the production of a certain degree of difficulty, generally divided into the up shaft and the down shaft.