Hebei Diefei Valve Co., Ltd., which was established in 1986,is a specialized factory gathering the medium and lower pressure valve developing, manufacturing and selling together. We established Crane Ningjin Valve Co., Ltd with Crane Valve USA in 1995.
Our main products are Butterfly valve, Check Valve, Gate Valve, Ball Valve, Valve Actuator and so on. These valvesare available extensive to the pipelines of oil, metallurgy, chemical industry, medical, light textile, paper-making, water and electricity ,tap water company ,central air conditioning system etc.
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pipelines of oil, metallurgy,etc
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We have a professional R&D team and experienced after-sale service team to supply best drying solution for different customers.
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Professional manufacturer specializing in r&d and production of core veneer roller dryer, face veneer mesh dryer, vertical dryer, press dryer and microwave dryer.
Different installation requirements for rubber soft joints
Rubber soft joints have been widely used in the industry. The installation of rubber soft joints requires different installation requirements according to different types of rubber joints. Threaded screwed rubber joints: Pay attention to the installation of screwed rubber joints. The pipe fittings
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Pressure test method of check valve
Check valve refers to the valve that automatically opens and closes the valve flap by relying on the flow of the medium itself to prevent the backflow of the medium, also known as check valve, one-way valve, reverse flow valve, and back pressure valve. The check valve is an automatic valve whose
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Features of electric ball valve
The high-pressure pneumatic ball valve only needs to use the pneumatic actuator to rotate the air source by 90 degrees and a small rolling torque to be tightly closed. Completely equal valve body cavity provides medium with low resistance and straight-through flow path. It is generally believed
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The meaning of butterfly valve and the problems that are easily overlooked in the use process
In production and life, the emergence of valves is that the utilization rate of their valves and accessories is getting higher and higher, such as check valves, check valves, electric butterfly valves, pneumatic butterfly valves, rubber soft joints, electric ball valves, one-way valves, and wafer
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