The Difference Between Ball Valve and Butterfly Valve

2022/06/30 11:04

1. Butterfly valve is composed of valve body, valve seat, valve plate and valve stem, and all fittings are exposed and can be seen at a glance; Ball valve is composed of valve body, valve core (a round ball) and valve stem. The position of valve core is inside the valve body, and only part of it can be seen by naked eyes, so the sealing performance of ball valve is better than that of butterfly valve.

2. Butterfly valves are relatively simple in structure, and butterfly valves with low pressure are generally used. The zui high pressure of butterfly valves can only reach 64kg. The structure of the ball valve is relatively complicated, and it is more resistant to high pressure. The zui height of the ball valve can reach 100kg.

3. Butterfly valves are divided into soft seal and hard seal. Soft seal butterfly valves are generally vertical plates in the center, that is, the valve plate, valve seat and valve stem are in the center. The zui high temperature of soft seal butterfly valves is below 150 degrees, and the pressure is below 16 kilograms. hard seal butterfly valve can be divided into single eccentric, double eccentric and triple eccentric. We generally use triple eccentric, because triple eccentric has better sealing performance according to its structure.

4. Ball valves can also be divided into soft seal and hard seal. The high temperature of soft seal ball valve zui can reach below 280 degrees and the pressure is below 64 kilograms, while the high temperature of hard seal ball valve zui can reach below 425 degrees and the pressure is below 100 kilograms.

5. Structurally speaking, butterfly valve and ball valve are similar. zui's big difference is that the opening and closing part of butterfly valve is a plate, while the ball valve is a ball. The valve plate of butterfly valve and the spool of ball valve rotate around their own axis, and the valve plate of gate valve moves up and down along the axis. Butterfly valve and gate valve can adjust the flow through the opening degree, but it is not convenient for ball valve to do this.

6. Butterfly valves are characterized by fast opening and closing speed, simple structure and low cost, but poor tightness and pressure bearing capacity. The ball valve can be opened and closed quickly, and can be completely sealed at high pressure and temperature. However, due to the limitation of volume and opening and closing resistance, it is difficult to achieve large diameter.

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