Features of electric ball valve

2021/12/25 15:03

The high-pressure pneumatic ball valve only needs to use the pneumatic actuator to rotate the air source by 90 degrees and a small rolling torque to be tightly closed. Completely equal valve body cavity provides medium with low resistance and straight-through flow path. It is generally believed that the ball valve is suitable for direct opening and closing applications, but recent developments have designed the ball valve so that it can be used for throttling and control systems. The main feature of the ball valve is its compact structure, easy operation and maintenance, suitable for general working media such as water, solvent, acid and natural gas, and also suitable for media with harsh working conditions, such as oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, methane and ethylene.

The ball valve can choose electric or electric actuator according to the different process equipment, which are composed of pneumatic ball valve and electric ball valve. Among them, the electric ball valve must be equipped with a valve positioner if it wants to complete the proportion adjustment. If the electric ball valve needs to complete the proportion adjustment, an electronic electric actuator or Equipped with servo amplifier, etc.

From the raw materials, it can be divided into: carbon steel ball valve, stainless steel 304 ball valve, 316 ball valve and copper ball valve.

According to the pressure, it can be divided into: high pressure ball valve and low pressure ball valve

High pressure electric ball valve: mainly used in petroleum, natural gas, hydraulic oil, construction machinery and other industries

Low-pressure electric ball valve: mainly used in corrosive pipelines such as water as the medium!

Features of high pressure electric ball valve:

1. The fluid resistance is small. The ball valve is the smallest in the fluid resistance of all valves. Even the reduced diameter ball valve has a relatively small fluid resistance.

2. The thrust bearing reduces the friction torque of the valve stem, which can make the valve stem operate smoothly and sensitively for a long time.

3. The valve seat has good sealing performance. The sealing ring made of elastic materials such as PTFE is easy to seal, and the valve seal of the ball valve can increase with the increase of the medium pressure.

4. The valve stem is firmly sealed, because the valve stem only does imitation rolling movement without lifting movement, the packing seal of the valve stem is not easy to be damaged, and the seal can increase with the increase of the pressure of the medium.

5. Because PTFE and other materials have good self-lubrication, the friction loss with the ball is small, so the service life of the ball valve is long.

6. The bottom-mounted valve stem and the convex step on the head of the valve stem prevent the valve stem from being ejected. If the valve stem seal is damaged due to fire, metal contact can also be formed between the convex step and the valve body to ensure the valve stem seal.

7. Anti-static function: A spring is set between the ball, the valve stem and the valve body, which can export the static electricity generated during the switching process.

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Purchase instructions for electric ball valve products:

1. The price list of electric ball valve products is a temporary price. The specific price has been negotiated with specific parameters, which is determined according to the raw material and the size of the caliber and pressure. You can contact us for the specific price, and the real-time quotation shall prevail.

2. The product name of the electric ball valve and the model of the electric ball valve;

3. The operation method of electric ball valve (manual turbine drive electric electric, etc.);

4. The raw material and hardness of the sealing surface of the electric ball valve;

5. The valve body raw material of electric ball valve;

6. The pressure of the electric ball valve;

7. The use medium of electric ball valve (name, viscosity, particle corrosiveness, toxicity;

8. We can produce the electric ball valve according to the drawings provided by you; we can also produce according to the drawings provided by our company.

9. The humanized packaging of electric ball valve products can also be handled according to your requirements.