The development trend of electric butterfly valve

2021/12/25 15:02

Electric butterfly valve means that the butterfly valve is equipped with an electric actuator, which controls the opening and closing of the valve through the electric energy provided by the power supply, so as to realize remote centralized control and automatic operation. Electric butterfly valve can be divided into flange type and disc type according to the connection method, which is an important execution unit in the field of industrial automation control. The electric butterfly valve is suitable for a wide range of media, can transport mud, and has the least amount of fluid in the nozzle. It has excellent sealing performance and regulation performance in low pressure environment. The valve plate of the electric butterfly valve adopts a streamlined design, which minimizes the fluid resistance and is an energy-saving product. However, with the development of society, people gradually begin to put the safety of products in the first place of product performance. Therefore, a series of valves have appeared, and the explosion-proof electric butterfly valve not only retains the characteristics of the electric butterfly valve, but also enhances the safety of the butterfly valve to prevent casualties. Electric butterfly valve will be the development trend of electric butterfly valve.

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