In 2022, do not forget the original intention, forge ahead, and continue to innovate

2022/03/10 18:05

Entering 2022, our orders for butterfly valves and check valves are increasingly full, and the delivery date has been scheduled to April. We will continue to maintain a booming production and sales situation, and will not be affected by the Spring Festival holiday at all. The delivery date will start in late February.


In addition, in a new field, the photovoltaic new energy business sector, our company continued to win the bid for the supporting projects for the newly expanded production base of JA Technology and LONGi Group. Through years of cooperation, our valve series products and services have been well received by customers.

Since January 2022, products have been successively sent to Zhejiang, Inner Mongolia, Yunnan, Vietnam and other production bases to ensure that customers can achieve this year's energy saving and emission reduction goals and promote green and low-carbon development. The company will, as always, continue to work hard for the country and the enterprise to save energy and reduce emissions, follow the direction of the national policy and continue to move forward, improve energy utilization efficiency and improve the quality of the ecological environment. It is necessary to implement the basic national policy of saving resources and protecting the environment, and keep moving forward with the goal of improving energy utilization efficiency and improving the quality of the ecological environment. We also do not forget our original intention, forge ahead, continue to innovate, and constantly develop better products. We will also provide rubber soft sealing butterfly valve, special butterfly valve for central air conditioner, HPV high performance butterfly valve, metal hard sealing butterfly valve, flanged butterfly valve, thermostatic balance valve, special check valve, gate valve, globe valve, On the basis of ball valves, rubber soft joints, electric butterfly valves, pneumatic butterfly valves, etc., we continue to innovate, and constantly develop new products in the industry to provide enterprises with better products. At the same time, new and old customers are also welcome to visit the company for inspection and guidance.