Series 800 Check Valve

1. Available in sizes 2"-24"

2. Only fully elastomer lined check valve available.

3. Bubble-tight shutoff from 25 tp 150 psi.Lower minimum oressure available on request.

4. Wide range of available elastomers.Buna-N or EPDM standard.

5. Check valves compatible with ANSI B16.1 Class 125 (iron) or B16.5 Class 150 (seat) flanges.

6. 2"-12" compatible with PN10 PN16 and universal flanges. Use of dual spring distributes the load force evenly across each plate,resulting in quick respomse to flow reversal.

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Product Details


The body materia: GG25,GGG40,GGG50

The disc material: DI/SS304/SS316/AL-BZ

The stem/spring material: SS416/SS304

The seat material:NBR/EPDM/VITON






They are used for pipe of transporting water with such medium as water sewage and seawater.It can avoid media flowing backwards and prevent damaging water hammer,guarantee the safety using of pipes.


1. The products are new structure .small and light weight

2. Reliable sealed,endurable open-close,erar-resisting,long life.

3. With less flowing resistance than old check valve and obvious enerfy-saving effects.

diefei 800 check valve.png

Technical Parameters:

Working pressure16Bar10Bar
Operating Temperature-10℃~+120℃
Operating EnvironmentBallast and bilge system     Chemical processing
Desalination plants  Drilling rigs    
Drinking waterDry powder     
Food and beverage Gas plants
HAVC  Mining industry
Paper industry Sand handling
Sugar industry
Thermo technical water treatment  
Waste water

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