Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve

1, the valve body is small and light, easy to install disassembly and maintenance, and can be installed in any position of the pipeline.

2, the whole valve structure is simple, and very compact, small operating torque, rotation 90 degrees can complete the opening and closing action.

3, with good flow regulation performance.

4, the sealing parts can be replaced, sealing performance is good, can achieve two-way sealing.

5, according to the needs of users on the butterfly plate spraying coating, such as nylon rubber or PTFE, etc.

6. Flange connection and clamp connection can be designed according to the requirements.

7, according to the needs of the working conditions, the soft seal butterfly valve can be used manual, electric or pneumatic drive.

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Product Details

groove seat butterfly valve1(2).jpg





Body:Cast Iron/Ductile Iron/Cast Steel


Stem:SS416/SS304/SS316/17-PH/Monel K500


Operation:Handlever /Gearbox/Electric / Pneumatic



Design Standard:EN 593 , MSS SP67   API 609  BS5155

Inspection & Test:API 598  ISO 5208  EN 12266

End Standard:ANSI B16.1 CL. 125LB /B16.5 CL. 150LB /AS 2129 Table D & E / DIN 2501 PN6, PN10 & PN16

/EN 1092 PN6, PN10 & PN16/ISO 2531 PN6, PN10 & PN16/ISO 7005 PN6, PN10 & PN16 / JIS B 2210 5K & 10K


Face to Face:ISO 5752 , EN 558 , MSS SP67 and API 609 DIN3202


Top Flange:ISO 5211

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