DF401 Y-strainer ANSI/DIN/JIS Standard

Y-type Strainer as an indispensable high-efficiency filtration equipment in the purification equipment engineering, has played a great role in the treatment of domestic wastewater and industrial sewage. With various advantages in design and application, it is now favored.  

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Product Details

Y-kind strainer operation blessings encompass complete automation, safety-unfastened, huge filtration area, excessive clear out performance, long provider existence, chrome steel cloth, non-obligatory filtration accuracy, whole specs.  as compared with specific filtration device, it's far one of the first-class tool in reclaimed water reuse engineering.  moreover, the water exceptional after y-kind filter out treatment no longer most effective reaches the release standard stipulated thru the kingdom, but moreover realizes the reason of repetition and recycling


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Technical Parameters:

Working pressure16Bar10Bar
Operating Temperature-40℃~+160℃
Operating EnvironmentBallast   and bilge system            Chemical processing
Desalination plants   Drilling rigs      Drinking water
Dry powder     Food and beverage       Gas plants
HAVC  Mining industry  Paper industry      Sand handling     Seawater      Sugar industry
Thermo technical water treatment   Waste water

Executive Standard:

Design   Standard
Inspection & TestAPI   598  ISO 5208
End StandardANSI   B16.1 CL. 125LB & B16.5 CL. 150LB
AS 2129 Table D & EBS 10 Table D & E
DIN 2501, PN10 & PN16
EN 1092 PN10 & PN16
ISO 2531 PN10 & PN16
ISO 7005 PN10 & PN16
KS B 1511 / JIS B 2210 5K & 10K
MSS SP44 CL. 150LB  AWWAC207
Face to FaceISO   5752 , EN 558 , ASME B16.10

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