WECO Butterfly Valve without pin

100% bi-directional tight shut-off. Installation without restrction in direction of flow.Reduced weight and overall dimensions.Low pressure loss and reduced energy costs. High Kv/Cv values.

Easy to clean and disinfect for potable water systerms etc.

Self cleaning (no residue will be trapped)

Good resistance to corrosion.

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Product Details

100% bi-directional tight close-off. set up without restrction in path of waft.decreased weight and overall dimensions.low pressure loss and decreased power prices. immoderate kv/cv values.

Clean to clean and disinfect for potable water systerms and lots of others.

Self cleansing (no residue may be trapped)

Accurate resistance to corrosion.

Staliness Steel Bronze Butterfly Valve.jpg

Technical Parameters:

Working pressure16Bar10Bar
Operating Temperature-45℃~+150℃
Operating EnvironmentBallast and bilge system          Chemical processing
Desalination plants   Drilling rigs    Drinking water
Dry powder     Food and beverage     Gas plants
HAVC  Mining industry  Paper industry    Sand handling     Seawater    Sugar industry
Thermo technical water treatment   Waste water
Driving  methodHand  Lever  Worm Gear  Electric  Pneumatic

Executive Standard:

Design StandardEN 593 , MSS SP67   API 609  BS5155
Inspection & TestAPI 598  ISO 5208  EN 12266
End StandardANSI B16.1 CL. 125LB & B16.5 CL. 150LB
AS 2129 Table D & E   BS 10 Table D & E
DIN 2501 PN6, PN10 & PN16
EN 1092 PN6, PN10 & PN16
ISO 2531 PN6, PN10 & PN16
ISO 7005 PN6, PN10 & PN16
KS B 1511 / JIS B 2210 5K & 10K
MSS SP44 CL. 150LB  AWWA C207
SABS 1123 Table 1000/3 & Table 1600/3

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